MEMS-optisen kytkimen toimintaperiaate kuvataan lyhyesti

What is MEMS? MEMS (micro electro mechanical system) refers to the micro devices or systems that can be manufactured in batch by integrating micro machinery, micro actuator, signal processing and control circuit. The preparation process of micro mechanical structure includes lithography, ion beam etching, chemical etching, wafer bonding, etc. at the same time, electrodes are prepared on the mechanical structure for control through electronic technology.
MEMS is a kind of micromotor system. After preparing the micromechanical structure, it needs to be driven by electronic technology. Typical driving mechanisms include electrostatic attraction, electromagnetic force, electrostriction and thermocouple. Among all the driving mechanisms of MEMS devices, electrostatic attraction structure is the most widely used because of its simple preparation, easy control and low power consumption.
MEMS optical switch is to carve a number of micro lenses on the silicon crystal, and make the micro mirror array rotate through the action of electrostatic force or electromagnetic force, so as to change the propagation direction of input light to realize the function of on-off of optical path. The MEMS optical switch switches the light wave route through the external control information and the corresponding high and low level to control whether the internal micro lens is lifted or not.